I contacted Debra to explore selling the family home in Islip Terrace of 52 years about 8 years ago, when my mother and brother expressed an interest to move closer to me in the Black Hills of South Dakota for more family support and a cheaper cost of living. Debbie provided us with comps and advice as to what was most important to get the house ready for sale when the time was right. Her knowledge and skills in her trade, positivity, and work ethic were notable from the start. My mother was very much attached to the home and decided that she preferred not to move and ultimately passed away this August in New York. As with many families, there were issues around asset allocation, family disagreements/baggage that needed to be dealt with the utmost sensitivity and compassion. Debbie absolutely exceeded expectations in this area. She set an appropriate selling price based on the condition of the property and the market, helped us (sellers) create a project plan to get the house ready to show, expertly managed the personalities involved to keep it all moving, and mitigated any factors that may have thrown a monkey wrench in the works. All of this, while being sensitive to just how emotionally difficult this was so close Mom’s passing and other “stressors” that were pulling on us as the sellers. Ultimately, the transaction closed smoothly and right on schedule. Debbie and her associates, Jillian Brandine & Joan Brandmeier did everything as promised and more. Debbie has consummate skill as a realtor, the work ethic of a tiger, and a Heart of Gold. I felt she truly understood where I was at, was a firm hand at the wheel and ALWAYS had our best interest at the forefront and had our back. I would give Debbie the highest recommendation possible. 15 out of 10!!!!!

— Russ , Seller